Lewis’ Brother Comments on Sibling’s Silence, Maybe We Shouldn’t Worry


Lewis Hamilton has yet to make any statement on the end of the 2021 F1 season except for the mandatory one made right after the race. Ever since, the seven-time world champion has not posted anything on social media or made any comments in the media. His brother, Nicolas, has shed light on the matter. Nicolas Hamilton is Lewis’ paternal half-brother, and he also has a racing career. Lewis’ younger brother made comments on his sibling’s social media activity pause during a live stream on his Twitch account. Unlike his older brother, Nicolas Hamilton has remained active on social media even after the season’s last race. His statements about Lewis were made during a live stream and then quoted by British media. As Nicolas explained, social media can be “a very toxic place.” However, when speaking about Lewis, his brother said “he’s cool though. He’s fine,” as Express notes. When Lewis’s social media absence is concerned, his brother stated that he “thinks he is just having a bit of a break, which I don’t blame him for.” From these statements alone, it is unclear what Lewis Hamilton thinks of all that has happened in the last race of the Formula 1 season and after it. His brother posted a picture of Lewis and captioned it with “the true champion.” Nicolas went on to explain that his brother was “let down by the sport that he had given so much to.” He also stated that the Mercedes-AMG driver has “been mistreated” and underlined the fact that the “Hamilton’s are humble in defeat,” which we do not contest if we look at what Lewis, his father, and his team principal said right after the race. Not being present at the FIA prize-giving ceremony or any other public appearances, is a different matter, though. His team principal, Toto Wolff, stands by Lewis.