Lexus has shared the final teaser of the new crossover NX


The debut of the updated generation Lexus NX will take place in just two days. Lexus is desperately trying to generate more interest for the debut event with a series of teasers.

We’re just two days away from seeing the next generation Lexus NX to its fullest. One of Japan’s most recognizable luxury SUVs will debut globally on June 11 or June 12, depending on the time zone. It will start selling in Asia, North America and Europe later this year.

The last quick overview is presented in a single teaser image posted on the manufacturer’s global Facebook page. Posted with the hashtags #LexusNX and #ExperienceAmazing, it features the front quarter of the SUV and its front left wheel. The preview arouses decent interest and has received several thousand likes on Facebook.

The big news for the new NX is the fact that it will share its platform with the Toyota RAV4. This means that some transmission options will be used by two foreign cars. The engine lineup will feature a 2.5-liter 4-cylinder RAV4 engine as the entry-level NX engine. There will also be a more efficient plug-in hybrid setup from the RAV4 Prime.

In terms of design, the changes will be evolutionary. The most significant upgrade will be the front end, where LED daytime running lights will now be integrated into the main headlight assemblies without protruding into the bumper section.

About two days left until the official debut. This could be the final teaser before the global premiere of the new NX.

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