Lexus LFA Supercars Hit the Track; Your New Ringtone Is Here!


Arguably one of the best-sounding cars ever made, the Lexus LFA has left a great impression on those lucky enough to have driven it. And with production capped at just 500 units, not many can brag about putting the Japanese supercar through its paces.

Production of the Lexus LFA kicked off at the end of 2010, and only two years later, it ended with the final example rolling off the Motomachi assembly plant, in the Land of the Rising Sun.

By then, it was already a rising star, with journos praising its brilliant construction, including Jeremy Clarkson, who said that it’s the best car he’s ever driven, and several celebrities choosing to get one instead of a Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche or McLaren.

Paris Hilton joined the Lexus LFA club, holding on to her white example for quite a few years, before it ended up on the used car market for almost half a million dollars. The best preserved, low-mileage LFAs cost about twice as much in today’s market, so you’ll need to sell more than a kidney to be able to afford one.

A tuned mega hatch would probably beat it in a straight-line acceleration, as the Lexus LFA takes 3.7 seconds from nought to 62 mph (0-100 kph), but it can smoke many modern exotics on the racetrack. At 202 mph (325 kph), top speed is also on par with the new generation supercars.

The Lexus LFA’s engine hasn’t been force fed, so it is instantly responsive. It channels the 560 HP, produced by the 4.8-liter V10, at 8,700 rpm, to the rear wheels through a six-speed sequential transmission, and its screaming cylinders make sweet music, as you are about to witness in the video that follows, which is only 2 and a half minutes long and shows a bunch of LFAs in their natural habitat.