Lexus turns to design world for Wild LF-Z concept car


Lexus is tired of using the same three materials: leather, plastic and carbon fiber. For car interiors, the brand turned to three leading design companies to bring their vehicles to life, more specifically the concept.

This is an all-electric LF-Z Electrified concept that sets the direction for the brand in the future. Lexus turned to celebrity shoe designer Saleh Bemberi, digital artist Ondrej Zunk and Japanese fashion label Hender Scheme to create new and exciting interiors.

Bemberi’s designs combine organic materials with vibrant colors. The interior uses colors inspired by sandstone landscapes and natural tones. Used cedar, cork and real granite.

The authors of the project wished that the car would harmoniously combine car and nature ”. Application of car options, benefits and nature to provide passengers with fuel and their delivery to their destination.

Meanwhile, the very colorful interior of Ondrej Zunka is not limited to the realm of the possible. He wanted to restrict the design to any existing materials. For the seats, he came up with a clever silicon-like material. This soft, translucent material wraps around the passenger’s body to create a custom profile for an extremely comfortable seat.

The fashion brand has limited itself to exactly one real material: leather. Untreated leather should develop a deeper color over time that is unique to each vehicle. The concept should reflect the passage of time and the attitude of the driver towards his car.

The LF-Z Electrified Concept represents the future of the Lexus brand, so it’s great to see that future represented by such a diverse range of design talent.