Lifted 1986 Chevy K10 Stands Minty Tall, Doesn’t Want to Hide the Stroker V8


Chevrolet’s C/K series has enjoyed an exceptionally long lease of life as it competed with the rivaling Ford and Dodge Ram offerings. There’s nothing wrong with that, as shown by the enthusiastic fan community, who never cease to amaze us with great custom builds. Somebody thought it would be a great idea for this 1986 example to join the fun with a tasty string of modifications. So, it’s now easy for the consigning dealer (Grand Rapids, Michigan-based Garage Kept Motors) to extract a few quick superlatives.

Never mind the great shade of green, as they’re more interested in signaling that we are dealing with a “lifted, refreshed, substantially upgraded, re-powered, 35-year-old classic Chevy pickup.” It does not look its age, as that paintjob easily gets our imagination pumping with images of neon club nights. But the truck does have some mileage on the odometer, and the 56,938-mile (91,633 km) reading demonstrates this truck has been on a few adventures during its lifetime.

But it’s up for some more. Especially after the exterior was refreshed with the recent lime-green repaint, and the chrome trim (both on the bumpers and the fender flares) looks to be in excellent condition. Additionally, the short-bed cargo area is protected with a layer of coating, while the black soft bed cover is a neat contrast to the aluminum wheels.

Those Mickey Thompson off-road wheels are a clear hint that it’s one of those overlanding rigs that consider the journey to be the main asset, not the destination. So, there’s no option but to jump inside the cabin, which has also been upgraded where it matters the most. As such, the bench seat has new upholstery, the instrument cluster gets a few AutoGage additions, and the highlight of the cabin sits in the middle. It’s a billet-aluminum Hurst Quarter Stick for the automatic transmission and just beside it resides the separate transfer case lever.

Last, but certainly not least, this $30,900 K10 might turn out to be a steal also because of what is hiding under the hood. There, its new owner will encounter a 383ci stroker V8 with Edelbrock valve covers, a black air-cleaner, a chromed intake manifold, and other goodies. We don’t know how much power it makes, but does it matter – just look at the chassis photos and you’ll notice the builder’s attention to detail.