Lifted 2021 Ford Bronco on 37s Hilariously Drags Focus, Huge-Mile GMC, and V8 Silverado


Not long ago, Mitchell S. Watts – the knowledgeable host of the Town and Country TV channel on YouTube and a great content provider as far as Blue Oval stuff is concerned – gave up his second-generation F-150 Raptor. He did it with a purpose because his new personal/work ride is a 2021 Bronco Badlands 4-Door. With a soft-top, so no MIC issues here.

It’s also a non-Sasquatch version. Not because he doesn’t want to go off-roading with it, but simply because their in-house customizer took care of the modifications. So, the Bronco now sports a lot of aftermarket parts, such as the fender deletes, a wrap to protect the paint from the inherent scratches and rock chips, off-road lights, and bumpers, among others.

But, more importantly, this thing has a lifted suspension complete with coilovers and lots of other goodies from 4WP. As such, it now has enough clearance to ride on 37-inch M/Ts. And everything boils down to a hefty aftermarket build – which just got scaled and nailed a total of no less than 5,640 lbs (2,558 kg)!

Which kind of drives the point home when the host parks the lifted Ford next to the dragstrip and says: “I realize this Bronco has absolutely no business being here…” But it’s already there, so everyone might just have some fun and watch it go down an eighth of a mile against some… (almost) equally slow competition.

The first battle is against a Ford Focus (from the 6:25 mark), and of course, the hatchback has no trouble gapping the massive truck-based SUV (10.67s for Bronco and 9.88s for the Focus). Even more interesting is the next skirmish, against an older, lifted V8 Silverado. The “battle of the slow turds” ends with the Bronco on top, nailing the same 10.67s ET against the opponent’s 11.35s result.

Last, but not least, comes a GMC truck with no less than 375k miles (over 600k kilometers) on the odometer. Still, Bronco’s 10.83s ET isn’t enough to beat the opponent’s 10.44s pass!