Live Pics: BMW iX5 Hydrogen Shows Itself at the IAA 2021, Looks Like a Normal X5


BMW has brought its iX5 Hydrogen at its IAA 2021 stand to showcase it with the latest releases from the brand that currently has an auto show in its hometown. The small series production of this model will begin by the end of 2022. Now, it is time to write about its look.

Thankfully, we now have a photo gallery made by our team of photographers on duty at the IAA 2021. Therefore, we can now observe the 2022 BMW iX5 Hydrogen model in a real setting. These images are not digitally altered, as many images can be if they come from the official photo set.

So, what is the difference on the exterior? Let us start with the blue ornaments. These are also used on the iX3, the fully electric version of the X3, which is the X5’s small brother.

The blue ornaments are found on the front grille, on the lower parts of the front bumper, on the side skirts, and in the lower part of the rear bumper. The latter ornaments underline the place where the tailpipes should have been, but they are not necessary on this version of the X5.

There is a blue ornament around the BMW roundel at the back of the vehicle, just like the one on the hood has, as well. Blue ornaments are present in the headlights, as well as the rims, which are a dedicated model for this version of the BMW X5.

As if the customer did not know that they had an iX5, the dash comes with the Hydrogen Fuel Cell badge in white and in blue, as well as numerous blue ornaments. The other elements of the interior look just like the ones of the regular X5.

An interesting thing to note is the way that the hydrogen refuel nozzle looks on the iX5. Back in 2015, I had the chance to drive a prototype of a BMW 5 Series GT that operated on hydrogen, and it came with a significantly larger fuel nozzle.

At the time, BMW even let the journalists try their hand at refueling the prototype. It appears that the company has changed its setup for something smaller and easier to use, even though the system presented at the time was not necessarily the hardest thing to operate in this world.