Lotus Shows The Evija EV Off In Testing Footage


With Lotus delaying the Evija from late 2020 to “sometime in 2021,” they’ve taken the opportunity to spend some extra time testing and developing their prototype vehicles.

Lotus Evija Prototype Track Details

Today, Lotus uploaded what is realistically the first true track footage, from the company and development team themselves, of the Evija EP2 second prototype out on the track at Hethel. This is an important race circuit, as not only does Lotus own it, but all of their best cars, such as the Evora, the Elise, the Exige, and others were developed at the track.

Shown off by Lotus Head of Vehicle Attributes for the Evija, Gavan Kershaw, the primary promotion of the video is the wide range of modes that the Evija can be set to. While the top-spec Track mode will give you all 2,000 BHP under your right foot, there are actually some pretty intelligent modes for what type of driving you’re doing.

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