Louisiana Teenager Is Arrested for Doing Donuts in a Camaro, Community Reacts


I honestly think there isn’t a single human being on the planet that hasn’t broken a traffic rule at least once. Like doing 35 mph (56 kph) in a 25 mph (40 kph) area. Or not coming to a full stop where you’re required to. And there’s a long list of rules that people tend to break when they’re driving. Of course, we should all be responsible for our actions, and we should always obey the law. And most importantly, we should never channel our inner-hoonigan outside of the racetrack.

But we tend to forget these things when we’re behind the wheel. We get caught up in the moment, and if you’re a petrolhead it’s even worse. Because if you’re driving a piece of American muscle or anything else with RWD, you might be tempted to go sideways at least for a bit. And this was exactly what happened to a young, 18-years old Jamal Edwards, from LaPlace, Louisiana.

As he’s driving along in his 1999 Chevrolet Camaro, he arrives at an intersection and puts on his hazard lights. After the coast is clear, and no other cars can get in the way, he starts throwing the car around in a controlled manner, at a very low speed. Moments later, as another vehicle approaches, he decided to move on and clear the intersection. But someone made a phone call to the police department, and shortly after he was arrested and charged with reckless operation of a vehicle.

According to the St John the Baptist Parish Sheriff’s Office website, the fine was under $1,000. But still, there has been a huge response from the local community, with people noting that there other, more pressing issues than someone doing donuts on the street. A Maine resident noted that: “Arresting kids for doing donuts in the street when he had control of the car and waited for the road to be clear, but legalizing hard-core drugs…”

Others jokingly mentioned that the driver’s actions weren’t so reckless, as his hazard lights were on. Of course, some were upset about the poor quality of the roads, pointing out that these problems go unnoticed by the authorities. More and more people chimed in to defend the young driver, even though some had an ironical approach, mentioning that it was probably a V6 Camaro, and it needed the wet pavement to be able to go sideways.

This is the kind of situation where you’d better get some popcorn and read through all of the comments. While some users were happy that surveillance cameras weren’t a thing back in the ’80s, when they were doing the same kind of stunts, others were shocked at the idea that the police officers aren’t fans of donuts. Either way, we hope the driver will take it to the track next time, and that in the future, people will be more lenient towards situations like this.