Low-Mileage 2014 KTM 1190 RC8R Bears a Myriad of High-End Aftermarket Parts


We can probably all agree that the RC8R is one of the raddest two-wheelers KTM has ever produced. If someone asked me to name a few of the most futuristic production bikes in existence, the outlandish KTM 1190 RC8R would be among the first machines I’d point to. The titan’s sharp contours and angular styling are guaranteed to let everyone know that it means business, regardless of whether it’s parked or in motion. This article’s photo gallery reveals an unsullied 2014 model with just over 8k miles (13,000 km) on the clock, featuring state-of-the-art brake discs, a Shorai battery, and a premium steering damper from Ohlins’ inventory. Under current ownership, the beast also received a tinted windshield and a new solo saddle, while its blinkers, levers, and mirrors have all been replaced with aftermarket alternatives. As of last year, the machine’s 17-inch wheels received high-grade Pirelli Diablo Rosso III tires with 2020 date codes, and it is believed that its white side fairings hail from a 2012 MY RC8R. Moving on to the powertrain specifications, KTM’s rocket carries a liquid-cooled 1,195cc V-twin juggernaut that’s paired with a six-speed claw-shifted gearbox. By delivering 175 hp at 10,250 rpm and 94 pound-feet (127 Nm) of torque at about 8,000 spins, the fuel-injected mill can propel its bearer to a searing top speed of 186 mph (299 kph). The engine’s force is routed to the rear hoop via an X-ring drive chain, and the whole ordeal is held in place by a chromium-molybdenum trellis skeleton. With its WP suspension, top-shelf Brembo brakes, and a dry weight of 406 pounds (184 kg), the 1190 RC8R is an absolute marvel! On that note, we’ll have you know this 2014 MY specimen could end up in your garage, as it’s currently up for grabs on Iconic Motorbike Auctions. The top bid of $5,385 doesn’t even stand a chance at meeting the reserve, so feel free to place yours until January 11.