LS-Swapped ’71 Chevy Chevelle SS on Billet 24s Is Like a Hi-Riser Dream of Spring


We are still months away from witnessing some real-world spring songs and yet all we could hear in our mind was the cheerful bird tweet. Was it because of the Dark Green 1971 Chevelle SS? Just three generations across the 1964 through 1978 model years. That was all that GM offered to Chevrolet’s Chevelle mid-size as part of its big roster of A-body models. But it was more than enough to build a legend around itself. Notably, one that endures even today. After all, Chevy’s Chevelle not only duked it out with the heavyweights of the age in SS or COPO Chevelle form. But it also continued the El Camino legacy, spearheaded the platform way forward towards the creation of the Monte Carlo, and eventually conceded its place in the lineup to an uncontested Malibu rule. Now, it’s logical to assume the Chevelle has a cult following among GM aficionados. One that expresses itself in all sorts of manners. Including as part of the culture of heavily-customized automobiles. Those, to an untrained eye, might all seem like “donks.” Actually, the correct term – unless we are dealing with a fifth-generation Chevy Impala – would be to refer to them as hi-risers. These rides are hugely popular at car events and among modification enthusiasts alike. And, of course, they need to be in pristine condition when making an appearance. Logic dictates that somewhere near the show there is also an ad-hoc car wash to make sure everything is sparkling. The videographer behind the WhipAddict account on YouTube knows very well to dwell near such impromptu car beauty salons. And his latest video embedded below caught an “easy prey” that he was targeting impatiently for a while. This 1971 Chevrolet Chevelle SS has all the makings of a hi-riser that would give us a dream of spring instead of autumn or winter. Complete with a Dark Green shade, billet 24-inch wheels, neon-green stripes, aftermarket lights, and an alluring basketball-colored interior. By the way, it also has a burnout-prone LS swap under the hood… just to make sure it ticks all the customization boxes.