LS Tesla Roadster Hotrod Adds Digital GM Small Block for Ridiculous Hybrid Look


Sometimes, certain automotive creations are so outrageous it’s impossible not to love to hate them. Otherwise, there really isn’t any enthusiast segment that won’t feel offended by such crazy projects.

Tesla’s Roadster is famous for a couple of breakthroughs. The first generation was basically the proof of concept for the entire company and the idea that electric vehicles could one day become mainstream.

The second iteration (which is yet to be delivered) might turn out to be the quickest street-legal production car in existence. If Tesla’s claims from back in 2017 actually become reality. So, the new Roadster is not only a cool all-electric four-seater AWD sports car but also one that will reach 60 mph (96 kph) in just 1.9 seconds!

Better yet, they say that its hulking battery pack will hold enough juice to make range anxiety obsolete, with a claimed ability to go for up to 620 miles (almost 1,000 km) on a single charge. So, does anyone feel all these mind-boggling figures are enough to appease the virtual artists of the world?

Well, there’s at least one pixel master that probably thinks even better things can be done to the Roadster. But since rocket boosters (SpaceX option package with cold gas thrusters) are coming from the factory, Oscar Vargas, aka wb.artist20 on social media, had to cook something different.

So, he went for the infamous General Motors V8 LS swap… albeit with a major twist. So, instead of just virtually throwing away the all-electric powertrain in favor of the outrageous ICE swap, he imagined the LS would instead be “neatly” integrated into the overall concept.

Anyway, this CGI project now imagines a highly improbable, possibly technically impossible “LS Tesla Roadster Hotrod Hybrid.” Keeping with the vintage Hot Rod atmosphere, the LS Tesla Roadster even comes with a dual-tone paintjob, hubcap wheels, as well as whitewall tires…