Mad Max Fury Road movie car collection for sale


The Last of the V8 Interceptors could be yours.


A fleet of 13 stunt vehicles from the Academy Award-winning 2015 film Mad Max Fury Road has come up from sale.

The crown of the collection is a 1973 Ford Falcon XB coupe, better known to fans as The Interceptor.

However, it appears the Australian-built V8 muscle car is not the one driven by protagonist Max Rockatansky, but rather a modified variant stolen, driven, and eventually destroyed by his adversaries in the most recent instalment of George Miller’s iconic franchise (shown below).

Unlike the original, the paint has been stripped, the suspension has been raised, the front end has been redesigned, and a skull-capped supercharger now sits atop the engine block. A somewhat-conspicuous machine gun also sits behind the driver’s head.


The ‘War Rig’ – an 18-wheel fuel-transporting semi-trailer – is also available, as is the diesel ‘Doof Wagon.’ Within the post-apocalyptic tale, the latter was designed by followers of antagonist Immortan Joe to broadcast heavy metal music throughout the wastelands.

A range or buggies, hot-rods, utes, and trucks – all pieced together from rusty classics – complete the collection.

The vehicles will not go to an open auction, and instead are being sold through private negotiation. Offers are currently open online, with a deadline of September 26.

Earlier this year a new Mad Max movie was confirmed for release in 2023, with Chris Hemsworth reportedly set to star at the titular character. According to media reports at the time, it will be the “biggest film ever made in NSW.”  

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