Mansory adds power and style to the facelifted Bentley Bentayga


The German bureau Mansory is known for its extraordinary projects: bold palettes, unexpected decor, shocking interiors and high-performance motors. At the same time, their new project turned out to be more restrained, but no less interesting.

The German tuning studio has announced the Mansory Bentayga MY 2021 project, which it announced on its social media account. For the rework, the tuners chose the updated Bentley Bentayga, presented last year.

The result turned out, without false modesty, magnificent. For the exterior design, Mansory chose a classic combination: dominant black with red accents. Complementing the crossover look are 23-inch glossy carbon wheels.

In the interior, attention is drawn to leather upholstery, made in black and red tones. The organic carbon fiber inserts add luxury.

At the heart of this Mansory creation is a tuned version of the 4.0-liter twin-turbo V8 of the refreshed Bentley Bentayga, delivering 542bhp. as standard.

After a complete re-equipment of the engine (new turbines, air box, sports exhaust system with high-performance catalytic converters), the V8 delivers 750 hp. The numbers are much higher than the W12-powered Bentayga SpeedBentayga Speed ​​offers.

How much such a tuned crossover will cost, unfortunately, is not reported.

In the meantime, renderings of the budget crossover Dacia Bigster hit the Web. In the model range of the automaker, it will stand above the Duster.