Maserati’s F Tributo Special Editions Reach North American Showrooms This Month


If you are a Maserati fan, you already know that the great Juan Manuel Fangio raced a Maserati 250F race car for the brand’s debut in Formula 1. That is where the F comes from in the “F Tributo Speciale” name, but the Tributo part comes from the Italian term for homage or tribute.

The special edition of these two Maserati models comes in two exclusive colors, Azzurro Tributo and Rosso Tributo. The former is blue, while the latter is red. The former was chosen because Maserati race cars were always blue, historically speaking, but this particular shade is meant to remind people of the city of Modena, which is the brand’s modern home.

Meanwhile, red is a representative color for Italian motorsports, and it is also a reference to Fangio’s 250F, which had a red and yellow livery. The yellow part of the said livery can be seen both in the brake calipers and on the wheel trim.

All Maserati F Tributo Special Edition cars come with 21-inch wheels finished in gloss black. The Levante gets the Anteo wheel model, while the Ghibli gets the wheels that are called Titano.

Customers will also notice the F Tributo badge on the wheel arch, as well as the company’s trident logo painted in body color on the C-pillar. The interior of these models comes in black, full-grain leather that has red or yellow stitching.

These special editions of the Ghibli and Levante were first launched back in April when Maserati celebrated exactly 95 years since the company’s racing debut with the Tipo26, which is Italian for Type 26. The car went on to win its class, the 1,500-cc one, at the 1926 Targa Florio, and its driver was Alfieri Maserati.

This may be evident, but you probably know that Alfieri Maserati is one of the Maserati brothers who have named the Italian automaker. You might not know that the Maserati family had seven sons, but only six reached adulthood.

Alfieri passed away at the age of 1, and the next born son was named after him. The second Alfieri went on to become an automotive engineer, mechanic, and race car pilot.

Unfortunately, a racing accident back in 1927 left Alfieri Maserati with kidney damage, which led to this death in a hospital in Bologna on March 3rd, 1932. The company started by his brothers commemorated him with a concept car in 2014, so this special edition marks a second homage to the Italian pilot, engineer, and co-founder of the Maserati Car Manufacturing Company.

While the Italian marque did not specify pricing, there is a link where customers can check out the inventory of the F Tributo cars in North America. From what we can gather, the Ghibli F Tributo Q4 starts at an MSRP of $98,890, but many other available units start at $101,390.

Meanwhile, the Levante F Tributo starts at an MSRP of $106,590.

Mind you, the prices written above come from the company’s webpage and may change at any given moment, and terms and conditions apply, so be sure to ask a dealer before ordering one.