Matching-Numbers 1963 Chevy Impala SS Proves a Little Rust Isn’t Such a Big Tragedy


1963 was overall a pretty special year for the Chevy Impala SS. This is because the GM brand reached a pretty big milestone, as it produced its 50 millionth car since the company was founded. And because sales of the Impala were already on the rise, Chevrolet decided this 50 millionth car to be a Super Sport that was driven off the assembly lines by none other than New York Governor Nelson Rockefeller. Owning an all-original 1963 Impala SS in mint condition is, therefore, the dream of many collectors out there, but obviously, making it come true isn’t as easy as it sounds. Not only that an example in tip-top shape is worth quite a small fortune but finding a solid project car is often a big challenge as well. Someone on eBay, however, claims they have the right candidate for a full restoration, as their 1963 Impala SS is missing only a few trim pieces. And what’s more, the engine under the hood is still working, even though the overall condition of the vehicle seems to suggest it spent many years in the same place. The matching-numbers unit under the hood is a 327 (5.3-liter) V8, but very little information about it has actually been shared. So while we do know the car is drivable, not much else has been revealed. Given it’s an Impala that has most likely been sitting for a long time, the rust already feels at home on it. This means any potential buyer should be ready for some massive patches on the floors and in the trunk. But despite its challenging condition, it doesn’t necessarily mean this Impala SS will sell for beer money. eBay seller kjdimarco isn’t willing to give up on this 1963 SS for less than $7,770, so if you’re not sure the car is worth the money, just head over to Kansas to see it live.