Matching-Numbers 1972 Plymouth Road Runner Proves Rust Isn’t the End of the Road


Plymouth built a little over 7,600 Road Runners for the model year 1972, and most of them came equipped with the 400 (6.5-liter) V8 paired with 3-speed, 4-speed, or automatic transmissions. On the other hand, the 4-barrel 340 (5.5-liter) V8 was also a very popular choice for Road Runner buyers for this model year. This engine ended up being installed on 2,360 units, and out of them, over 1,800 cars were fitted with an automatic transmission. One of these Road Runners running on a 340 paired with an automatic box is right here in front of your eyes. Of course, it’s no longer a collector’s dream, though, on the other hand, it may well be with the right fixes. The best news for someone who’s not afraid of starting a restoration project is this Road Runner is a matching-numbers complete car. In other words, nothing big is missing, and both the engine and the transmission are included. Unfortunately, eBay seller ltgace has omitted most tidbits about the powertrain, so we have no clue if the engine at least turns over by hand. What’s very clear, however, is the condition of this Road Runner isn’t exactly the best. The car comes with the typical amount of rust, and the floors themselves appear to be massively damaged. If you don’t mind the huge holes in the floors and you’re not afraid of some serious patching, then you can very well ignore the biggest problem of this Road Runner. The bidding is underway as we speak, so it’ll certainly be interesting to see if this Road Runner ends up returning to the road or not. However, the more attention this car gets, the higher the price goes, and this could end up making many people walk away. The top offer right now already surpasses $3,500, but the reserve is yet to be triggered.