Max Verstappen won the Monaco Grand Prix and became the leader of the overall standings


The main losers of the stage were Charles Leclair in Ferrari and Valtteri Bottas in Mercedes.

On Sunday, May 23rd, the fifth stage of the season took place in the Formula 1 – Monaco Grand Prix. Dramatic events began to unfold even before the start – on the car of Charles Leclair due to yesterday’s accident, the gearbox was damaged, and the Monegasque could not get to the start. A few hours before the start, Ferrari decided not to change the box so as not to lose 5 places at the start – in the end it turned out to be a mistake.

At the start, no incidents happened – Verstappen retained the lead, leaving Bottas behind. If at first the Finn kept 1.5-2 seconds behind the Red Bull rider, then the gap began to grow.

The first to go to the pits was Lewis Hamilton, who at the beginning of the race could not even put pressure on Gasley in the fight for fifth place. However, the tactics with an early pit stop did not work – Hamilton not only did not get ahead of the Frenchman, but also missed Vettel ahead. However, the real drama unfolded in the pits of the “Mercedes” a circle later – Valtteri Bottas went to the mechanics, and they could not unscrew the front right wheel, as a result, leaving the race.

This hit Mercedes very hard – in the Constructors’ Cup the Germans lost their leadership for the first time in many years.

Sergio Perez did an excellent job, who went out into the open – a series of fast laps allowed the Mexican to exchange 8th place for 4. Max Verstappen confidently brought the race to victory and scored 105 points. Taking into account Hamilton’s 7th place at the finish and his best lap, Max took the lead and is 4 points ahead of the Briton.

Carlos Sainz finished second in Ferrari – on the one hand, it is a success for the team. But there is no great joy given the loss of Leclair. Complements the top three at the finish of Lando Norris at McLaren – this result allowed Norris to reach third place in the overall standings. Sergio Perez finished fourth in the race with an extra point for the best lap in the race. Thus, Red Bull now has 149 points against 148 for Mercedes.

Sebastian Vettel finished in fifth position in Aston Martin – the German won his first points of the season. This race was a kind of return of Seb – he did not allow mistakes, gave out fast laps in time and confidently ahead of his partner. Pierre Gasly took 6th place. Let’s mark the 8th place of Lance Stroll, despite a number of blots. Esteban Ocon finished in ninth position at Alpin, although after the free races the team was unlikely to count on points. Closed the TOP-10 Antonio Giovinazzi, who managed to get ahead of his partner in “Alfa Romeo” Kimi Raikkonen.

Among the losers, we note Daniel Riccardo, who missed his partner Norris on the circle. He also lost heavily to his partner Fernando Alonso. But the 16th place of Yuki Tsunoda from “Alpha Tauri”, who has not yet kept pace with Formula 1, stands apart.