Mazda confirms next CX-5 with 6-cylinder engine and new platform


The best-selling model in the Japanese brand’s lineup is undergoing major upgrades, and an alleged test prototype was spotted on US roads back in May.

The new generation of the Mazda CX-5 crossover will be based on a new platform, and an in-line six-cylinder engine will be located under its hood.

At the last presentation to journalists, the managing director of the Australian division of the brand Vinesh Bhindi confirmed both innovations.

“Mazda continues to invest in high-performance ICEs with SkyActiv-X and a new generation of in-line 6-cylinder engines that will be used in our next generation large platform products, namely the CX-5 and up,” Bhindi said.

There is official confirmation, but there is very little information about the new platform and in-line six-cylinder engines at the moment. Earlier this year, it was said that the automaker would begin production of rear-wheel-drive inline-six cars in early 2022.

The Japanese are going to keep diesel engines, and work is also underway on hybrid modifications of the novelty. The exact launch date for the next CX-5 has yet to be announced.

By the way, other “senior” Mazda models will also move to the new platform. In any case, Mazda will prioritize the CX-5 in terms of development. This model brought the automaker a good profit: in 2020, when the industry was suffering from the effects of the coronavirus pandemic, 361,051 cars were sold. So it would be most logical to update the most popular model from a business point of view.

Earlier our portal said that Mazda is recalling more than 250 thousand first-generation Mazda3s because of the logo on the steering wheel. On the old “sixes” it was made of rather fragile plastic, which could not withstand the pressure from a deployed airbag.