Mazda MX-30 will not receive a rotary engine yet


Representatives of the Japanese company said that the rotary motor needed to increase the range from the batteries will not appear in the power plant of the MX-30 crossover until the second half of next year.

In a recent interview, Japanese brand spokesman Masahiro Sakata noted separately that the company’s management is now considering the feasibility of using a rotary motor that will act as an “extension” for the total driving range on fully charged batteries. However, he did not say anything about when such power plants with an auxiliary rotary motor could appear.

A couple of months ago, Mazda’s North American dealership released information that the MX-30 rotary-powered crossover will enter the US market.

Given the new data, true fans of the Japanese brand and rotary engines in particular will have to wait a little longer.

According to Japanese media reports, Mazda has decided not to continue to use the rotary engine as a “range extender” because it would require a larger battery, which would increase the final cost of the car.

The Mazda rotary engine still has a chance to return as an auxiliary motor for plug-in hybrid powertrains. Thanks to this, Mazda engineers will be able to reduce the size of the battery and, therefore, reduce the final price of the car.

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