McLaren F1 Is a “Big Mac” With a Side of Baja Madness


I remember an older episode of “Top Gear”, where Jeremy Clarkson was reviewing a Porsche 911 Turbo. He was comparing it to the Ferrari 430. I didn’t like his conclusion at that time. He noted that in the real world, the 911 Turbo was probably faster. But here I am today, 15 years after getting my driver’s license, I now fully agree with his statement.

That doesn’t mean that, given the option, I would choose the Porsche over the Ferrari. It would take me days and days to make a decision. But I’ve come to understand the limitations of public roads. I’d go as far as saying that it doesn’t even matter where you’re living. Public roads will always have some kind of flaw to them. And the only way to deal with less than perfect roads is to have a decent ride weight, mixed with a proper suspension and tire combo.

I guess that’s why most people these days would rather have an SUV instead of a sports car. And the world is already changing. Just think of the Gemballa Marsien. I feel that soon, we are going to see a growing interest in supercars with off-road capabilities. No longer shall we be restricted to driving on public roads. You can simply venture into the desert, all while going at least partially as fast.

Enter the McLaren “Big Mac” F1. The one behind the idea goes by the alias of Abimelec Design and his idea was to create an F1 that could run in the Baja 1000 race. The result is a McLaren F1 that’s wider than the original. Its ride height is also just what you would expect from a vehicle that’s going to make it out of the desert in one piece.

It has been rendered with KMC Wheels that are wrapped in BF Goodrich K02 tires. There are only two ingredients that I’d add to the mix: AWD and turbocharging. Also, if anyone is going to be brave enough to take on a project of this scale, I would love to have a go at it!