Mercedes-AMG G 63 Thinks It Can Become a Superior Six-Door Forward Control Van


What happens when an automotive virtual artist does not even reveal his/her name alongside social media creations? That CGI expert becomes outrageously free to attempt anything. One pixel master that is clearly no stranger to scandalous CGI transformations resides behind the superrenderscars account on social media. Over time we have become accustomed to his/her shenanigans, especially since not all of them are shameful. Others, on the other hand… Anyway, let’s cut this short because the virtual project is already large enough for everyone. One of this virtual artist’s passions is to have just about everything turned into a Jeep Forward Control rival/spiritual successor. As such, over time we have witnessed both great and appalling six-door van creations. Anything goes. From Broncos to Defenders, and F-150 trucks, as well as 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokees to Mercedes’ premium rides. One of the quirkiest ideas was to have the luxurious Mercedes-Maybach GLS turned into a digitally deformed six-door Pullman van that would probably scare away even the most social media-conscious, affluent soccer mom, if ever real. But we are not here to discuss that incredible GLS morphing. Instead, we are here to continue the pixel master’s rejuvenation series of prior designs. The CGI expert has also tampered with the “regular” Mercedes-AMG G 63 off-roader. In many, many interesting ways. Now a certain six-door crimson SUV/van makes a comeback to present a second, rear-facing point of view, just like it happened with the modernized Mercedes 560 SEC, or – even better – with the 2020 Shelby Cobra Mustang GT500 project. The recipe is kept the same from the first iteration: six doors, eight lateral windows, and (curiously) just four wheels! As always, this digital content creator does not run out of flagitious ideas. But, somehow, it seems that most of the virtual creations, including this G-Class AMG, do not have a name for themselves… So, any thoughts on a cool nickname?