Mercedes-Benz Creates a Web Series to Unveil the VISION EQXX


We’ll get to know Mercedes-Benz’s most efficient car ever on January 3. As that date draws closer for the VISION EQXX reveal, the German carmaker surprised us by releasing a web series on YouTube. It describes the EV creation process as a 1,000-kilometer (621-mile) journey. Remember: that’s the range the company wants the EQXX to achieve with a 100 kWh battery pack. There are two episodes already on the web. The first one briefly explains the role SiL (Software in the Loop) will have in achieving that range. It is not clear if it is the software that will control the car and help it run the 1,000 km or if it was only the digital tool used by the company to develop the car. We’re more inclined to the second hypothesis because Mercedes-Benz said SiL still had it at the start of the 1,000-km path. It may be accurate, but it feels highly unfair to the work SiL performed. Considering the German carmaker simulated multiple situations to extract the best energy efficiency possible in each of them, it certainly helped the VISION EQXX move ahead a lot, even if just virtually. The second episode is a lot more telling. It reports a classic battle that happens in all car companies: the design team clashing with engineers. In fact, the struggle – as the video itself puts it – was with aerodynamic engineers. The VISION EQXX had to make friends with airflow as much as possible. However, it also had to look fantastic. The car profile already revealed that the designers managed to preserve their good reputation. The fact that Mercedes-Benz considers this concept car as the most efficient machine it ever created also tells us the aerodynamic team was not disappointed. The following videos may not add much more to what we already know about the VISION EQXX. Anyway, the idea of a web series to keep people interested in seeing this car is quite good. As long as it ends up in production lines, you have all our attention, Mercedes-Benz.