Mercedes-Benz EQS won’t get coupe and cabriolet options


While the previous-gen S-Class offered coupe and cabriolet options, there’s no word (yet) on these bodystyles for the W223 S-Class. In all probability, it’s not gonna happen and that might be true for its all-electric sibling as well. According to a report, the EQS won’t get coupe and cabriolet options. Not really surprising considering the global auto industry’s unhealthy obsession with SUVs.

The report quotes Daimler’s design boss Gorden Wagener saying “These bodystyles are ‘specialty’ cars, and in the future, we will see them less and less and less. Overall, specialty models will make up just 15% of the market in the future. About 50% will be SUVs and around 30% sedans, to give rough numbers. So we will definitely not do coupe and cabriolet versions in every segment.”

That means Mercedes-Benz will continue to offer coupe and cabriolets, but just not for the S-Class and EQS. Don’t be surprised if the upcoming EQE also takes a single model approach.

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