Mercedes-Benz Vision EQXX Will Be Presented on January 3, 2022


LinkedIn has become a fantastic source of information. Car company executives share important news there, and the lucky ones to notice them get the news first. That happened with our friends at InsideEVs. They discovered Markus Schäfer announced in a post there when the Vision EQXX will be presented: on January 3, 2022.

That will be when we will see the most energy-efficient vehicle Mercedes-Benz ever created, according to the company’s COO (Chief Operating Officer). Schäfer said it would be a compact electric vehicle but did not mention if it would be a sedan. Previous teasers say that on his behalf.

Curiously, Mercedes-Benz has not disclosed its plans for an electric CLA or a C-Class until now. That makes an eventual production version of the EQXX fit perfectly to replace any of these models. The CLA is the car Mercedes-Benz has presented as an aerodynamic efficiency example since it was conceived.

If it becomes the electric CLA, the EQXX should still offer a range of at least 1,000 kilometers and energy consumption of single-digit kWh per 100 km. In July, when Schäfer first talked about this car, he said it would be able to achieve 6 miles/kWh (9.7 km/kWh). That means these numbers have since improved: 9.7 km/kWh is equivalent to a little more than 10 kWh/100 km.

Aerodynamics is not the only aspect Mercedes-Benz is trying to improve. It wants energy density to be 20% higher, which does not necessarily mean using different chemistry. Reducing the weight of the battery pack is more manageable, which confirms the German carmaker is also trying to make the EQXX as light as possible.

One of the efforts to get there will probably be using large cast parts, as Schäfer once said the EQXX would. That may also bring manufacturing benefits if Mercedes-Benz does not share BMW’s opinion about them. The competitor said repair costs would not make them a lousy solution. On January 3, 2022, we’ll learn more about that – if Schäfer does not anticipate anything else about this concept.