Mercedes CLE-Class will replace C-Class, E-Class Coupe and Cabrio


A new model is being prepared for market entry, which will help to simplify the lineup. Spy shots have shown Mercedes testing a C-Class convertible.

No amount of camouflage or cladding could hide the new folding top. Mercedes keeps the real name of the model a secret. In a message from Auto Express, it is said that the convertible will arrive under a new name – CLE-Class.

Mercedes will replace the C-Class Cabrio and Coupes as well as the E-Class Cabrio and Coupes in its lineup with a CLE-Class model that will sit between the already available CLA and CLS. The new model aims to simplify the brand’s core models and niche product lines. So far, we’ve only seen the CLE-class convertible, although Auto Express expects the CLE-class coupe to be in development as well.

The new CLE is expected to share its platform with the new C-Class and S-Class, a trio based on the brand’s MRA-2 platform.

This isn’t the first time we’ve heard of a possible change in the lineup. A July 2020 report says Mercedes is preparing the CLE-Class name for 2023. This is in line with the latest data from Auto Express. The report from a year ago also noted that this model will replace not only the C-Class coupe and convertible, but also the E-Class variants. The initial report mentioned a four-door station wagon, but there appear to be no more plans for such a model.

The new CLE-Class is expected to debut sometime next year before going on sale in 2023. This gives Mercedes enough time to think about which name it will use. The model is expected to borrow the powertrain lineup from the C-Class, although the entry-level powertrain is likely to be gone for the coupe and convertible. We also expect Mercedes to offer an AMG version.

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