MG Astor Will Use AI Personal Assistant to Emotionally Order Your Decaf Latte


Fear not, the spirit of Cecil Kimber will be there for you in your attempts to make life more refined in your motoring journey.

The MG Astor will now include a ‘personal assistant’ for occupants via Artificial Intelligence (AI) and a host of other comforting features in their latest SUV.

The MG Astor personal assistant, which the company is billing as a ‘first for any car globally’ and designed by ‘Star Design,’ purports to offer human-like emotions to help you engage with the wooly and diseased world outside by aiding occupants in discussions of any topic – and the answers will be sourced from Wikipedia.

The Astor personal AI assistant can speak, listen, react, and even eyeball the driver when spoken to. MG says the system will use Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Natural Language Understanding (NLU) to mimic human behavior.

The service is expected to provide entertainment services such as reading you the news, telling jokes (such as The Aristocrats!), and utilize AI wonders for convenience tasks like opening the sunroof or dealing with navigation.

In a frightening development, the AI assistant will keep learning, ostensibly until it offers back seat driving advice.

MG is partnering with Bosch, and the MG Astor feature will include Autonomous Level 2 safety bits like lane departure warnings, lane departure prevention, lane-keeping assist, autonomous emergency braking, forward collision warnings and adaptive cruise control.

The MG Astor will also include various subscriptions via its i-Smart Hub, and MG is partnering with Jio for internet service.

Microsoft is jumping in on the game with a Digital Passport capable of saving data on cloud services such as vehicle service history and insurance details for speedy sharing. As for keeping your data safe, MG says they’re signing on with L&T Technology Services to dissuade pesky hackers.

Expect coders, developers, and engineers to build services capable of calling emergency services in case of an accident or complaining to the store manager if drive-through meals are unsatisfactory…

Source: MG Motor