MG Australia to rebrand plug-in hybrid range as ‘Plus EV’


The brand claims the term “hybrid” is misunderstood in the Australian market.


MG Motor is rebranding all Australian-market plug-in hybrid vehicles as Plus EV.

The move comes as the brand announces it will fund a multi-million dollar rollout of electric vehicle chargers in hotels and resorts across Australia.

“We have found ‘hybrid’ too often be misunderstood,” said CEO of MG Motor Australia, Peter Ciao. “We want to make it clear that our ‘Plus EV’ vehicles feature two independent drive systems, one EV, one petrol.”


“I believe Plus EVs (plug-in hybrids) fit in with Australian lifestyles, as the population density is lower than Europe, China, and America. They are always able to switch to a petrol motor for longer distances. I think it is the electric vehicle Australians want”.

The brand currently sells the 2021 MG HS Plus EV Essence (officially branded as the MG HS +EV Essence) from $47,990 drive away and is planning to another variant in the range that offers a ‘more value-focused package’ sometime in 2022.

The car was launched in December 2020 as the MG HS PHEV and offers a 16.6kWh battery pack with an electric-only range of around 63km. It is mated to a 119kW/250Nm 1.5-litre turbocharged petrol engine for a combined output of 189kW.

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