MG to discount electric car chargers for regional NSW businesses


MG’s electric car charging discount will be available to regional businesses who use government grants to install the brand’s destination chargers.

Susannah Guthrie

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MG has announced it will subsidise the cost of its electric car chargers for regional councils in New South Wales, partaking in a Government grant scheme aiming to expand charging infrastructure in the area.

Under a new $20 million scheme, the NSW Government will cover up to 75 per cent of the cost of four AC ‘destination’ chargers per site for successful applicants.

Regional councils can apply for the grants to install the chargers at sites such as hotels, museums, restaurants, cafes or other key attractions.

Up to 3500 electric car chargers will be rolled out as part of the scheme, with the Government also covering 75 per cent of the cost of installation, and 50 per cent towards a two-year charger software subscription.

If the successful applicants opt to install MG’s Chargehub product and provide proof of purchase, MG will contribute the remaining 25 per cent of the cost of the chargers.

However, it will not cover the remaining 25 per cent of installation costs, which can vary greatly depending on location and available infrastructure.

MG’s ChargeHub is an AC destination charger offering a 7kW output for $1990, or 11kW for $2090.


The 2022 MG ZS electric car.

ChargeHub chargers include a five-metre charging cable to connect to cars, and are compatible with any electric or plug-in hybrid car equipped with a Type 2 charging port.

MG claims its 7kW charger can take the MG ZS EV, which has a 44.5kWh battery (in pre-facelift trim), from zero to 100 per cent charge in roughly eight hours.

In late 2021, MG also announced it would subsidise electric car chargers for regional hotels across Australia, with the brand revealing it has received almost 100 applications to date.

A number of car brands are now offering free or reduced-price electric car charging to their customers.

In January 2022, Lexus partnered with Chargefox to offer three years of free charging to owners of its UX300e electric car, while Porsche provides Taycan owners free charging on the Chargefox network, as well as installing its own destination chargers at locations around the country.

Similar programs are offered by other brands including BMW.

Susannah Guthrie

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