Military Green 2022 Hummer EV “Warthog” Digitally Prepares for Off-Grid Living


Because the entire world is enamored with all things crossovers, SUVs, and trucks, automakers are trying to appease everyone. So, if they want to keep selling them and also try and save the planet, the only way forward is electron-powered. And General Motors is among the heralds of a sustainable truck and SUV future, with its GMC Hummer EV siblings.

It’s not long before eager customers get their hands on the first Hummer EV units, as Edition 1 electric trucks are slated to begin deliveries this very fall. Then, more trims for both the pickup and the first Hummer EV SUVs will start making their way onto driveways from late 2022 to spring 2024.

Of course, it’s never too early to start thinking about ways of customizing these rigs, especially since GMC is promising that we are dealing with a couple of “revolutionary all-electric supertrucks” even in stock form. And if all the features work as intended, they might deliver on the promise, and then some more.

So, here’s Timothy Adry Emmanuel, the virtual artist behind the adry53customs account on social media thinking about “how the overlanding (world) would look in the next five years” or so. His vision is also present, naturally, in the form of a GMC Hummer EV “Warthog.” This virtual build makes use of the nameplate previously rumored for the 2022 Ford Bronco Raptor to signal its connection to the military past of the series, of course.

We could have figured that out even without the moniker, as the overlanding-prepared Hummer EV sports a military-themed dark green paintjob. But after bridging the past with the contemporary GMC looks, it’s probably time to address the off-grid elephant in the virtual room.

Fitted with just about every aftermarket trick from the adventure book, this Hummer EV could become an off-road trail beast. And it looks like it’s one complete with the power generator capabilities (and solar recharging) needed to make it a self-sufficient home-away-from-home. But, for now, this is probably just wishful thinking…