MINI Vision Urbanaut futuristic minivan concept to debut on July 1st


Last time the brand presented a digital image of the concept carp. Now MINI will show a real car.

If you are experiencing déjà vu hearing about the premiere of the MINI Vision Urbanaut, you are not alone: ​​the automaker will be unveiling this curious concept for the second time.

The concept minivan was originally unveiled as a digital creation last November. It has now turned into a physical vehicle, debuting July 1st at DLD Summer. The real car completely overlaps with previous renderings.

This is a futuristic van with one sliding door and a wide glass roof. It has illuminated wheels, minimalist linings, and a windshield that rises when the car is parked. While the exterior is certainly interesting, the main idea is the interior and “smart use of space”. The cockpit looks more like a hipster salon than a car interior. It has a rotating driver’s seat.

The concept also features a minimalist front passenger seat and a dashboard that folds down to become a couch.

The interior is complemented by a sectional rear seat and a small table. Moreover, it lacks leather and chrome. This approach to the design of the brand is going to be implemented in the next generation of cars.

Instead, the interior uses renewable and recyclable materials such as textiles made from recycled wool, polyester and tencel. There are cork inserts on the steering wheel and floor sections.

As before, the concept includes so-called MINI moments known as Chill, Wanderlust and Vibe, each with their own flavor, sound and ambient lighting. Chill is designed for leisure or work, while Vibe transforms the concept into a mini club with animated graphic equalizers displayed inside and outside the vehicle. Wanderlust is the only driving mode that uses the steering wheel and pedals for the task at hand. This is where the details of the concept end.

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