Mitsubishi released a farewell batch of Pajero SUVs


Say goodbye to the Japanese Mitsubishi Pajero SUV. The concern released the next version of the model in the amount of 800 copies.

Japanese SUV Mitsubishi Pajero ends its life cycle. Three years ago he said goodbye to the European car market, the year before last – to the Russian and Japanese ones, and this year he leaves the last market – the Australian one.

The farewell version of the SUV was released in the amount of 800 copies. They were divided into three modifications: GLS, GLX and Exeed. Each of them received original nameplates, designer floor mats in the interior and luggage compartment, a black deflector on the hood, as well as a dark cover for the car manual and service book.

Launch of Pajero models ended early this spring, and the last batch of these cars was offered to Australian drivers.

When all 800 Pajero cars find their owners, the SUV will finally leave the new car market and become a part of the world’s auto history.

The farewell version is set in motion by a turbocharged diesel unit with a displacement of 3.2 liters and a capacity of 192 lichen forces. In tandem, an “automatic” with 5 steps and a full-drive system works with it.

For 39 years of model production, the concern produced 3.3 million copies of the Pajero. Most of all sales were in 1992. Then the enterprise assembled 175 thousand cars in a year. Drivers from Japan bought 640 thousand of these models, from Australia – 150 thousand cars. In Russia, 75 thousand motorists have become the owners of an SUV.