Motorola Launches an Adapter to Convert Wired Android Auto Into Wireless


AAWireless is right now the most popular adapter that lets you convert wired Android Auto into wireless, and its release has been a major hit. On Indiegogo, the project was backed by more than 52,000 users, with the total donations to support its development getting close to $4.8 million. Motorola has apparently spotted the potential of this market, so the company today unveiled its very own adapter that does pretty much the same thing. Simple called Wireless Car Adapter for Android Auto and known as model number MA1, the new device does exactly what its name suggests: it converts Android Auto from wired to wireless. The design of this adapter is rather simple, and this is exactly the way it should be anyway. Users only need to plug it into the USB port of their cars and then have their phones paired with it for a wireless experience with Android Auto. Motorola’s device uses Bluetooth 5.0 and supports 5 GHz Wi-Fi. The company says it tips the scales at just 31 grams, so once you plug it into the USB port of your car, you can forget it’s there. There are no special requirements, though Motorola explains that its device should work with the majority of vehicles out there. However, if you currently own a Mitsubishi, Motorola says this brand is currently unsupported – and it’s not clear if this could change in the coming updates. As for the Android version that your device must be running in order to connect to the adapter, Motorola hasn’t provided such information, though it says Android 11 is fully supported. In other words, if you’re already on Android 11 or Android 12, everything should work flawlessly. The new adapter is scheduled to hit the shelves in the United States on January 30, and it will cost $89.95. This means it’ll be priced similarly to the existing products already on the market, so it’ll be interesting to see how many people give it a try.