Mulliner unveils Bentley Mulsanne limousine


A total of five legendary and exclusive Mulsanne Grand Limousines will be available to order. The cars were assembled in 2015 and handed over to the customer, but since then they have never been used and have not even been registered.

Bentley Motors offers its customers the last opportunity to purchase the Mulsanne Grand Limousine from Mulliner, one of the most unique and outstanding models of the British brand that has left its mark on automotive history. Five vehicles of this unique modern version are on sale. It was specially created for those who prefer to travel only in the most luxurious limousines. In 2015, all five cars were hand-assembled at the Mulliner workshop. Then they were sent to the UAE, but they were never used or even registered.

Mulliner’s Mulsanne Grand Limousine has been designed and assembled by hand. Its body length was increased by 1000 mm and the roof was raised. As a result, the headroom in the rear of the cabin has been increased by 79 mm, which guarantees the passengers exceptional comfort.

Initially, the car was assembled to an individual order, but then the Bentley Mulliner studio received an agreement to release a limited batch of cars for true connoisseurs. Some time ago, the Bentley dealership in the UAE – Bentley Emirates – put up for sale five of these vehicles with the ability to deliver anywhere in the world.

The Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine from Mulliner is the ultimate embodiment of the incredible skills and abilities of the experts in Bentley’s own atelier. The Mulsanne was discontinued last year, so customers now have a unique chance to acquire this iconic piece of Bentley history.

Each of the cars for sale has its own inimitable features, allowing you to choose a solution to your taste:

Exterior color Silver Frost over Moroccan Blue, leather interior in Imperial Blue and Linen, walnut veneer inserts.

Exterior color Damson over Black Crystal, Damson and Twine leather interior, dark walnut veneer inlays.

Exterior color Onyx over Candy Red, leather trim in Hotspur and Camel colors, light ash veneer inlays.

Exterior color Rubino Red over Light Gazelle, leather interior in Fireglow and Twine colors, walnut veneer inserts.

Exterior color Black Sapphire, leather upholstery in Imperial Blue and Camel, dark walnut veneer inlays.

Mulliner’s Bentley Mulsanne Grand Limousine has been designed to provide the highest level of comfort for all four passengers. The cabin layout, a concept inspired by luxury private jets, includes two additional rear-facing seats to allow passengers to converse comfortably.

The truly luxurious ambience of the cabin is enhanced by a bottle cooler with narrow glasses between the forward-facing seats and a beverage compartment with original glasses between the rear-facing seats. For comfort on the go, veneered folding tables are available with iPad storage and charging compartments. For an added sophistication, three hand-crafted dials show UK time, local time and ambient temperature.

Only the finest leathers and woods have been used in the interior, processed to the highest quality typical of the Bentley brand. The increased roof height and body length provide the rear passengers with incredible resting space. Mulliner’s Mulsanne Grand Limousine is the perfect place to work or relax while on the move.

For the Mulsanne Grand Limousine, Bentley Mulliner designed and manufactured a special heating, ventilation and air conditioning system. It is divided into two zones, so each of the four rear passengers can adjust their own microclimate without disturbing their neighbors.

In addition to many additional original digital solutions, limousines are equipped with an intercom for communicating with the driver. The rear of the cabin is separated from the front seats by electrochromatic smart glass, a first for a Bentley. With a simple push of a button, the entire transparent panel is dimmed, guaranteeing total privacy for the rear passengers.

The elongated model is based on the chassis and suspension, specially modified by Bentley specialists. The model is powered by the legendary Bentley V8 6.75 L twin turbocharged engine that develops 512 hp. with. and a torque of 1020 Nm. The unique 21-inch rims have been redesigned to match the body tone of each vehicle. Even the figurine in the form of a flying letter “B” on the hood is made original: the inscription “Coachbuilt by Mulliner” was engraved on its base.

But the most amazing thing about this version is the elegant profile. Unlike conventional elongated limousines, this version has been refined to maintain the ease of lines and aesthetic purity of the original Mulsanne. The result of this work is the longest limousine ever produced by an automaker. Its body shape is in perfect harmony with the length of the wheelbase.

The main goal of the Bentley Mulliner studio is to satisfy the requirements of the most discerning customers of the brand. Experienced and passionate, Mulliner’s specialists take on everything from simple tasks like embroidered monogrammed upholstery to complex tasks like custom body modifications. Whatever the customer’s requirements, Mulliner’s designers guarantee the highest levels of luxury and exclusivity.

Currently, the Bentley Mulliner atelier, whose history began almost 500 years ago, presents three lines in its portfolio: Coachbuilt, Classic and Collections. The atelier recently celebrated the 1,000th custom order since forming its own design team in 2014. It was then that the Bentley brand noted the growing desire of customers to own unique vehicles based on their individual preferences.