Mysterious electric SUV KIA showed on the Internet


Spies capture a mysterious all-electromechanical SUV spotted in broad daylight. Several spy photos show us the project to which KIA belongs.

Mysterious spy photos have come from distant and exotic South Korea. The new electric car was spotted in the afternoon by a thick layer of camouflage. These photos point directly to the automotive conglomerate Hyundai and KIA. In particular, it is worth focusing on the KIA brand.

The license plate directly refers to the Hyundai Group, to which the two brands mentioned above belong. So which model is this? This raises several doubts that we must clarify in order to arrive at a conclusion. Currently, only two photographs are available, which were taken from a long distance.

The back of the novelty is open and has no camouflage. She hints at the new KIA EV6. There are certain similarities in the line of constructors, which allows creating a certain connection with the already mentioned electric company, which has recently launched its offensive into the European market.

KIA is fully committed to promoting its electrification-related products. The brand itself has confirmed its intention to introduce 7 new electric vehicles by 2027. Some models that follow the aforementioned EV6 will use the e-GMP platform. It is an architecture specifically designed for fully electromechanical vehicles.

The teaser, which was shown by KIA CEO Ho Sung Song, gives a glimpse into which direction these new electric vehicles will be heading. Among them there are several models that fit very well for this mysterious scope in South Korea.

Details about the new model will be announced later.

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