Mysterious Ford Bronco prototype hints at a hybrid version


Orange cables, thin tires and strange camouflage – spies photographed a curious prototype of a reborn SUV outside the testing lab.

We know the Ford Bronco Hybrid is coming soon. Former Ford CEO Jim Hackett announced its appearance back in 2019. The heavily disguised Ford Bronco hints that the brand is gearing up to bring a hybrid SUV to market.

A bundle of thick orange cables is clearly visible under the passenger front door of this prototype. We’ve seen similar cables in spy shots of other Ford hybrid vehicles. Plus, in the case of the mysterious Bronco, there is an additional clue in the camouflage itself. The photographs are sharp enough to make out the black-dot patterns: these are small images of tents, mountains, and flags.

Obviously, this prototype isn’t as powerful. The hybrid Bronco is more city and track oriented with thin tires that we think are soft Bridgestone Duelers. Such tires are better suited for driving on electricity only.

Such a specification will please with greater fuel economy. The SUV’s powerplant is rumored to be borrowed from the Explorer PHEV.

The roof on this prototype looks a little higher. According to overseas portal, this could hide a roof-mounted camper and solar panels to keep it charged. One of the benefits of a plug-in hybrid SUV is that it has a built-in mobile power source, and it seems easy for Ford to offer such a setup on the Bronco.

A plug-in hybrid SUV shouldn’t be expected until 2022, as the standard Bronco is just arriving at dealerships and the Bronco Raptor is next. Do not forget about the global shortage of chips.

Meanwhile, the Porsche Cayenne Turbo GT was introduced, which accelerates to a hundred in 3.1 seconds.