New 2021 Volkswagen Taigo crossover coupe photographed without camouflage


The new Nivus will officially head to Europe this summer, where Volkswagen will market it as the 2021 Taigo. Meanwhile, Carscoops photo spies noticed a prototype of the novelty in Germany without any camouflage. It turned out that the model is almost no different from its South American counterpart VW Nivus.

The subcompact cross-coupe has LED headlights that will be standard. There will be less chrome on the grille. The European Taigo also has no badges on the front fenders, at least for the time being. At the rear, the diffuser has changed, and the taillights have acquired new graphics.

The Nivus logo in the center of the tailgate will be replaced by the Taigo lettering. The novelty will hit the market with new body colors and reimagined wheels. One of the images shows the top of the dashboard, which looks identical to the Nivus and Polo supermini. If so, then it will get a 10-inch infotainment system right above the center vents, next to 10.25-inch digital dials.

The German automaker has yet to release more details. That said, the 2021 Taigo is expected to differ from its South American counterpart in terms of security.

Specifically, the list of features will include features such as autonomous emergency braking, start assist, electronic stability control, fatigue sensor and adaptive cruise control.

There is no data yet on the engine family. At the same time, the twin brother Nivus is powered by a 1.0-liter 3-cylinder TSI engine with 114 hp. on gasoline and 126 hp on ethanol. The pair is powered by a 6-speed automatic transmission and four-wheel drive.

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