New 2022 4Runner TRD Sport Is Ready to Give the Bronco a Run for Its Money


So, do you think now is the perfect time to get your hands on an all-new 4×4 off-roader? There’s certainly more choice in this category; it’s almost too much information for one person to take in. Sadly for you, your seemingly endless list of options just got even longer. Feast your eyes on the 2022 Toyota 4Runner TRD Sport.

The 4Runner’s been one of Toyota of America’s longest-lasting and highest-selling moniker for over four decades now, offering enough reliability, practicality, and off-roading ability for new customers to keep coming.

Unlike previous 4Runners, even within the TRD performance brand, the 2022 TRD Sport is not just a family SUV that happens to be decent in mud, gravel, and snow. The TRD Sport is designed from the ground up to be one of the best off-the-shelf 4×4 in America. It’s a title it’s going to have to fight mightily for, as the competition is fiercer than ever.

Toyota doesn’t achieve this with an extensive series of levers, manually controlled diff locks, and old-fashioned brute force like old off-roaders. Instead, Toyota’s proprietary Multi-Terrain Monitor system ensures each of the four wheels has as much traction as possible.

For those who demand a 4×4 that isn’t a complete whale on smooth tarmac, the TRD Sport has you covered by way of its all-new Cross-Linked Relative Absorber System (X-REAS) suspension. This system automatically adjusts the dampening of all four shock absorbers for what Toyota’s touting as a smooth and refined ride.

A 270 horsepower 4.0 liter V6 with 278 278 lb-ft of torque will ensure this purpose-built off-roader can overtake and cruise on the highway as if it were the standard 4Runner or even a Camry.

Pricing figures have yet to be announced but expect this new 4Runner to be competitively priced against similar adversaries like the Ford Bronco or an upscale Jeep Wrangler.