New BMW M4 Competition Convertible debuts with softtop benefits


The Convertible variant of the second-generation BMW M4 Coupé has completed its final rounds of testing including the mandatory Nürburgring pilgrimage and is now here for the public to have a first look. The photos here feature the Competition variant with M xDrive AWD system, and it is unclear at the moment if there are any more variants in the pipeline. Anyway, the production will begin in July 2021 at BMW’s plant in Dingolfing, Germany.


Besides the grille, the other big difference between the new model and the predecessor is the roof, or the lack of it. Replacing the hardtop is a softtop, which of course, offers weight benefits. BMW claims the softtop to be 40% lighter compared to the predecessor’s retractable hardtop. The other advantage is that the softtop takes up less space in the rear of the car. When driving with the top down,

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