New electric car Bristol Buccaneer will return the British brand to the market


Production of the new Bristol Buccaneer is due to begin in 2025. Previous Bristol vehicles will be upgraded with a 6.4-liter Hemi V8 engine. Their deliveries are scheduled for 2022 and 2023.

The British company Bristol Cars was liquidated in 2020. But she must return to the car market. The concern has already announced the release of its new all-electric model called the Buccaneer. The production of new items is scheduled for 2025.

Before the debut of the new model, the company will release updated versions of the Bristol Fighter, Speedster and 411 Series 8, equipped with a modern 6.4-liter Chrysler Hemi V8 engine and an 8-speed ZF automatic transmission.

The plans of the Bristol brand include the production of 8 modernized cars at a price of 495,000 pounds sterling or 51 million rubles. Work will begin this year at the firm’s traditional home in Filton, Bristol.

The reopening of the firm follows the acquisition of its intellectual property rights in 2020 by developer Jason Wharton. The refurbished cars will partly begin to be produced thanks to the acquisition of original fittings and other production components by the new owner of the company. Deliveries to customers are expected in 2022 and 2023.

The three updated vehicles will receive a “soft” exterior facelift, while the suspension, electrics and interior will be updated. These foreign cars will be the latest models of the brand with internal combustion engines. The 2025 Buccaneer electric car is set to attract new investment and herald the group’s renaissance as “the UK’s leading electric car company.”

Bristol Cars was founded in 1945 and took a rare market position. The brand has handcrafted premium cars for wealthy traditionalists. Later models usually had V8 engines and Chrysler’s TorqueFlite automatic transmissions. Over the years, Bristol has enjoyed mixed success, changing ownership several times. The firm’s most recent car was a 2004 Fighter with gullwing doors.

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