New Garmin Tread Navigation Devices Crack Open Routes for Powersports and Overlanding


Just as one doesn’t use a city-bred vehicle for off-road adventures, it is advisable to use navigation devices more specialized than your average Android or Apple hardware when going off the beaten path. And there are few companies making such devices larger than Garmin. The American tech company has been in this game for some time now, and thanks to an expansion to the existing Tread range, it hopes to stay in the game for a lot longer. No less than three new devices will soon enter the market, some of them to be displayed later this week at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. They’re called Tread XL Overland Edition (10 inches), Tread Overland Edition (8 inches), and the Tread SxS Edition (8 inches). According to Garmin, these three have been purpose-built “for powersports enthusiasts seeking adventurous rides off the beaten path and for overlanders planning to take their rigs off-the-grid for long expeditions.” All three come with glove-friendly touchscreens. The two Overland devices come with turn-by-turn trail navigation for unpaved roads and pack the OpenStreetMap and U.S. Forest Service Motor Vehicle Use Maps. The displayed images include 3D maps, points of interest and Ultimate Public Campgrounds. A feature called inReach helps users with access to satellite communication, two-way text messaging, location sharing, and interactive SOS (this last one requires a subscription to work). The SxS packs about the same features, and adds Group Ride Radio, but most importantly is “uniquely rugged and forged to military-grade drop test standards to withstand rough rides on more challenging terrain.” “Adventure seekers and off-roaders now have the freedom to explore and put their minds at ease thanks to built-in inReach communication so you can always be in touch no matter where your adventure takes you, plus the brand new trail routing and group ride features can help you stay connected with friends in more remote areas,” said in a statement Dan Bartel, Garmin vice president of global consumer sales. Garmin will sell the three new devices for prices starting at $1,299.99.