New Gran Turismo Sport Update Released with a Laughable Changelog


If you’re a hardcore Gran Turismo Sport fan like so many other millions of people out there owning a PlayStation console, you’re most likely always keeping an eye on every little announcement coming from Polyphony Digital.

So you probably know already that earlier this week, the company came up with an announcement that was received with much enthusiasm by the GTS community: a new update was due on September 9, possibly with several important improvements given Gran Turismo 7 is just around the corner.

Well, the update rolled out today to GTS players out there, but as opposed to their expectations, it doesn’t bring anything too exciting.

In fact, the change is laughable, to say the least, as Polyphony Digital says update version 1.67 includes refinements for several in-game logos.

And that’s pretty much it. The company hasn’t even offered more specifics to let the world know what are the logos that’ve been updated, so if you were hoping for version 1.67 to be a massive release, you’d probably end up disappointed, frustrated, and hoping for a new update rather sooner than later.

But as far as the upcoming updates are concerned, you’d better not hold your breath for them. Or at least, don’t expect any massive changes anyway, as Polyphony Digital seems to be much more focused on the next iteration of the game rather than on improving Gran Turismo Sport.

GT7 was originally scheduled to launch this year, but Sony confirmed not a long time ago that its unveiling has been pushed back to 2022 due to development slowdowns caused by the invisible enemy the world is still struggling to deal with.

So right now, what we do know is that Gran Turismo 7 is projected to launch at some point next year, but no further specifics on its ETA have been shared. It could be either early 2022 or later the same year, though we’re betting on H2 given that Sony hopes the chip shortage would ease up and PlayStation 5 sales could therefore record a boost before the game’s debut.