New PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED division starts off with two high-performance models


Mercedes-Benz has Mercedes-AMG, BMW has BMW M and now Peugeot has also created its own high-performance division known as PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED. Coinciding with the launch of this new division, the carmaker is announcing its return to the World Endurance Championship in the Le Mans Hypercar category from 2022, although that has already been known earlier.

Roots in Peugeot Sport
PEUGEOT SPORT ENGINEERED is probably an evolution of the Peugeot Sport division within the original Peugeot PSA Citroen group. It was established in 1981 as a motorsports division and gained fame when it developed and ran the Group B Peugeot 205 Turbo 16 in the 1984 World Rally Championship. Since then, Peugeot Sport has been involved in F1 and WEC as well.

The Group B 205 Turbo 16 was one of the legendary rallycars developed by Peugeot Sport in the 1980s.


Two new models

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