New Toyota GR Yaris Morizo ​​Selection to “grow with the driver” through software updates


The idea is that Toyota will continually update the car’s software to improve performance through its subscription subsidiary Kinto.

Toyota unveiled the GR Yaris “Morizo ​​Selection” in Japan. The model is intended to be a high-performance vehicle that “evolves with the driver.” The car itself has a number of visual tweaks at the factory and will also come with regular performance updates starting in 2022.

According to Toyota, the brand will improve GR Yaris Morizo ​​Selection’s “driving, turning and stopping” through optimized software.

Updates will be covered by the fees of the Kinto subsidiary. That being said, owners will still have to go to a dealership to install some of them. The developers say they will be tailored for owners based on their driving style data. This will lead to the emergence of “cars that will evolve with people.”

At the GR Yaris plant, “Morizo ​​Selection” will be based on the “high-performance” RZ trim, which comes with a spray-cooled intercooler, Pilot Sport 4S tires and limited slip differentials, and sporty visual modifications inspired by ROOKIE Racing.

The car will also receive ROOKIE Racing logos on the wheels and door switch bases and the Morizo ​​emblem on the windshield.

Kinto payments start at $ 497 or RUB 36,000 per month and are billed for three years. So far, the product is only available to Japanese. It will first be tested with several collaborating clients. The fee covers insurance. Drivers only need to pay for gas and parking.

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