New Toyota Hilux Rogue: A Hilux designed for life in the city, or is it?


There used to be a time when the Toyota Hilux used to be the first and last word in the world of pick up trucks. Nothing else came close.

Conceived from a time when the world needed hardcore work horses to help with everything from construction sites to moving timber and such, the Hilux made a reputation for itself as a reliable truck that never seemed to give up.

But it was too utilitarian. It served a singular purpose – to work, to complement a worksite and to never give up.

It was far from comfortable, had very little creature comforts save for air-conditioning and radio, and safety equipment was almost non-existent.

Then the market shifted. Suddenly people wanted a pick up truck that looked cool, impressed the office mates and looked in place at the valet parking lot of the hottest club in town.

The mighty Hilux was caught off guard in a territory it once dominated.

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