New York to Spend $420 Million to Make Public Vehicles All-Electric by 2035


There’s no doubt that New York City is one of the busiest places on Earth. Along with that hustle and bustle comes a multitude of air-stifling emissions. Now, the city has decided to cut those emissions by making every public vehicle all-electric by 2035. The plan will cost some $420 million. Mayor Bill de Blasio signed an executive order recently to begin this transition. It will see senior city officials in exclusively electric vehicles by 2023 and the whole city’s fleet of light-duty, medium-duty, and non-emergency heavy-duty vehicles become fully electric. Things get started straight away in 2022 as New York is planning to implement a central replacement program for gas-powered vehicles. The aim is to take at least 1,250 off of public roads next year. That’s a drop in the bucket but it’s something. New York City uses nearly 30,000 vehicles in total. The shift will also be supported by massive infrastructure overhauls. The city will install at least 1,776 electric vehicle fast chargers throughout the five boroughs by 2030. This work has already begun actually. Currently, 100 fast chargers have already been installed and 11 of those 100 are available for public use. City officials are planning to be flexible with charging solutions as well. Solar carports are just one way they’re accomplishing that. These stations are mobile and can be set up at specific locations as needed for emergencies or other events. In fact, they don’t need to be tied into the grid at all to provide suitable charging. NYC is also planning to include smaller portable mobile chargers as a part of the plan. These units are more akin to taking a can of fuel to someone who’s run out on the side of the road. Finally, some vehicles, like fire engines or other heavy-duty emergency vehicles will be allowed to miss the 2035 deadline if no suitable alternatives are available.