Newmar’s 2022 New Aire Brandishes “Affordable” and Luxurious Motor Coach Living


Folks, this month is American Month here on autoevolution. With that in mind, it’s time to take a walk through one of Newmar’s fresh 2022 luxury mobile home models, the New Aire (NA) luxury motor coach.

But before we get into this home on wheels, it should help to know a bit about the team that’s behind this whole construction you see, Newmar Corporation. Newmar’s been around since 1968 when Marvin Miller and Marvin Newcomer decided they were going to be the next respectable RV manufacturer and brand. Over the years, this crew has expanded their range to include an array of motorhome styles, all centered around good living and comfort.

However, in 2012, Newmar embarked upon a new leg of its life by no longer developing and building fifth wheels, relying solely on motor coaches. Like my grandmother used to say, if you want something done right, devote your time just to that one thing.

As for the NA, this is one of the more affordable products that Newmar offers. Affordable in that it comes in with a starting price under $500K, a price target that most other Newmark motorhomes easily take down. Heck some of the beasts this manufacturer produces fall into the million-dollar range, so yes, the NA is affordable. But, with a starting price set at $479,747 (€406,297 at current exchange rates), if you start thinking about adding optional features, you too, could easily go over $500K.

The NA, like most other RVs, is available in multiple floorplans, three to be exact. So, I’m going to try and stick to features available to all, but do know that two of the three floorplans include a full wall slide-out, helping boost interior space to the max.

If you do happen to ever put in the cash for an NA, you’ll have two chassis options available, either a Freightliner or Spartan chassis. Freightliner is the same company that builds 18-wheelers known for delivering America’s goods and merchandise, while Spartan are a team that produces firetrucks. However, both chassis options will feature a Cummins L9 diesel engine that pumps out 450 hp and 1,250 lb-ft (1,695 Nm) of torque.

The exterior is built using a fiberglass roof, gel-coated fiberglass exterior sidewalls, and front and rear caps, all sitting on an aluminum sidewall and roof construction. With foam insulation in walls and ceiling, and a heated interior floor, keeping the habitat optimized to your liking should be nothing but a breeze to the two Penguin heat pump air conditioners.

Now, the NA is filled to the brim with features aimed at making you as comfortable as possible, and for this sort of cash, it should be. In truth, there’s so much that goes into an NA that one article just wouldn’t be enough to fit it all.

However, things like roof AC draining system, Chinook dual loop heat with continuous hot water, 8 kW Cummins Onan diesel generator, solar panels, 3,000-watt converter, and countless lighting features are present. If you want any more than what’s shown on the manufacturer’s website, Newmar is the sort of team that is more than happy to hear how you want to spend more money.

As for the interior of this behemoth, just look at it! It literally looks better than a fair number of homes on the market, no matter which part of the world you’re driving through. With features like hardwood cabinets, powered, and in some cases, heated seating, sofa bed and dinette, guests will feel at home for sure. Heck, one feature I don’t even have in my own home is a drop-down Samsung TV that’s to be summoned only when needed.

In the master suite, owners will have the pleasure of resting upon a king size bed with the option for a Sleep Number bed, nightstands with built-in USB ports for charging devices, and large wardrobe and dresser are all residential sized and offer the necessary storage space for clothing and knick-knacks. There’s even room for a washer/dryer setup.

Now, I’m a big foodie and one space I like to spend my time in is the kitchen. Lucky for me, the New Aire includes a galley with amenities that I don’t even have in my studio apartment. Large 3-way fridge, induction top, stainless steel sink and even dishwasher are at your disposal for whipping up five-star meals. Did I mention these appliances are all Samsung branded?

For a bathroom, Newmar like to consider you’ll be receiving a “spa-like experience.” Whether that’s true or not, I don’t know as I haven’t been invited into a Newmar yet, but judging by the images and video below, I’ll accept that comparison. Looks like the only thing missing is a massage table and someone to break your bones.

However, if you want to avoid a case of unlicensed chiropractic techniques upon your body, my suggestion is that you consider this lifestyle option with your significant other before you actually go out and break the bank on the New Aire luxury motor coach.