Next-Gen BMW 7 Series Rendered Using (Better?) Alternative Design Language


On the one hand, we have the pictures of the camouflaged limousine doing the rounds, and even though it’s stupid to judge the vehicle based on what is essentially a silhouette (especially since even that can be padded to look different), it does feel as though there’s a huge potential for things to go wrong.

Had BMW been churning out one great design after another lately, then maybe we’d be more inclined to see the full half of the glass because there’s definitely potential for great things to happen as well. The new model is reportedly going to fuse old design cues with modern trends and given the cracking models BMW has had in the past, we definitely like the sound of that.

But then we look at the new 4 Series and, even more relevant, the iX, and we can’t possibly see how fusing that with anything can make its appearance passable, let alone exciting. Trust us, we’d be just happy as any other non-Mercedes-Benz fan if BMW struck gold with the new 7 Series; we just don’t feel it in our guts.

At the same time, we have Georgian designer Giorgi Tedoradze who has developed an alternative BMW design language of his own. He has an entire lineup ready for the Bavarian carmaker. The latest model to be included in this parallel universe a lot of us would gladly swap with the existing one is the next 7 Series.

What is Giorgi’s secret? Briefly put, he’s keeping things simple. Instead of trying to surprise everyone with the unexpected, he simply chooses to develop BMW’s design from a few years ago into something more modern, more in line with what the rest of the industry is doing.

It may sound boring, but that impression is quickly dismissed when you actually look at his designs. They are clean, aggressive, and everything a BMW should be, yet they are also not connected in any official way with the Bavarian company.

We might be proven wrong, and BMW might finally come good and deliver a desirable new 7 Series. We’ve eaten our hats before, and we will gladly do it again if that happens (you tend to buy chocolate hats after the first time anyway), but we reckon our bald spot is likely to remain safely hidden under there for the moment.