Next-Gen Mustang Set for 2023 Debut, AWD and Hybrid Versions Still Rumored


Ford’s next-generation Mustang may start production in March 2023, report claims. The next-gen Mustang was expected to be an MY2023 vehicle, which was supposed to debut in 2022. Instead, a report that cites a global automotive forecasting database provider, AutoForecast Solutions, claims that it has been delayed. The next-gen Mustang, codenamed S650, is expected to gain a few dramatic changes. Fortunately, the American pony car is set to still be offered with a V8 in its range, but other surprises are in store, such as an all-wheel-drive version, as well as a hybrid variant. According to previous information that was supplied by company insiders, the next-generation Mustang will continue to be available with the 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, and a supercharged V8 might still be in the cards. The latter is expected to be a 5.2-liter version of the Predator unit, while the naturally aspirated, 5.0-liter, V8 would be a Coyote motor. The hybrid variant may be a plug-in hybrid or a full-hybrid, rumors claim. It will depend on what the Blue Oval will need to obtain at the time when fuel economy figures and emissions will require the introduction of such a variant in the range. It is believed that only the hybrid Mustang will get all-wheel drive, as the front axle would get powered by an electric motor, while the rear would be handled by the internal combustion unit. The S650 generation of the Mustang is claimed to be the last available with an internal combustion engine, and it would reportedly stay on the market for five and a half years or so. That means that the MY2030 Mustang will not have an internal combustion engine at all, if it will still be in the company’s lineup. Instead of an all-new platform, the delayed next-gen 2023 Mustang, which will effectively be a 2024 Mustang if the information obtained by Autoline is reliable, will ride on a significantly modified and updated version of the ongoing platform. Later in the career of the S650 Mustang, Ford is expected to offer an all-electric two-door Mustang. With the Mustang Mach-e already in the lineup, offering a two-door electric Mustang in 2028 or 2029 should not be a surprise to anyone.