Next-generation Mitsubishi ASX due in 2023 – report


There’s a new Mitsubishi ASX on the way, according to a new report – but it could be little more than a rebadged Renault Captur for Europe.


The end of the road could finally be in sight for the current-generation Mitsubishi ASX, as a new report suggests a brand-new model could be less than 18 months away from Europe.

Speaking with Czech publication, Mitsubishi Czechia public relations manager provided our first confirmation of a second-generation ASX, telling the website: “But the absolute positive is that we already know that the new ASX will arrive in early 2023.”

The early 2023 launch date would make the current ASX a not-insignificant 13 years old by the time it is replaced – old enough to create a Facebook account – and one of the longest-serving modern cars in production.

ASX production for the Czech market has reportedly ended, with the model removed from the brand’s configurator, and a limited number of cars still available in dealers. However, it remains on sale in Australia – and is expected to continue on for the immediate future, given the ASX’s popularity locally, and Mitsubishi’s investment into ensuring the model meets strict new Australian crash safety regulations.

What form the new Mitsubishi ASX will take isn’t clear, however the Japanese car maker has confirmed plans to launch two new models in select European markets starting in 2023, heavily based on existing Renault cars sold in the region – one of which could rebrand a Renault Captur as the next-generation ASX.

It’s not clear how closely related these new models will be to their Renault counterparts, though with Mitsubishi stating it will “procure OEM-model vehicles from Renault … which already meet regulatory requirements”, it’s likely the new “sister models” (as the brand terms them) will be little more than existing Renaults with new badges, bumpers and other “differentiations” for sale in Mitsubishi showrooms.


Built in the same European factories as their Renault equivalents, it’s not clear if the new Mitsubishis (rumoured to include a new ASX) will be sold in Australia – given the current ASX is made in Japan, which is more cost-effective for Australia, given its proximity – or whether a separate next-generation ASX is on the way for our market.

Should the new European ASX be based on the Renault Captur, its dimensions would be smaller than that of the outgoing model, with its CMF-B underpinnings opening the door for a plug-in hybrid (PHEV) models – making for a smaller companion to Mitsubishi’s own Eclipse Cross PHEV.

Stay tuned to Drive for all the latest on the new European-market Mitsubishi ASX over the next 12 to 18 months.

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